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    The world of inspiration.
    I work here.

    Am Mühlbach 14
    79114 Freiburg

    mobile: For security reasons, the phone number is only available on request.
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    Any questions?

    How much does a photo shoot, website or film cost?

    Of course, that always depends on the requirements. For a website, this can be the number of sub-pages. In a film, the length and number of scenes. A photo shoot, on the other hand, can start very small with a few portraits. A website doesn't have to be expensive. A website with a lot of content and beautiful pictures puts your brand in the right light. The holistic brand appearance should always be kept in focus in order to appear uniform.

    Can't I get it cheaper on websites?

    Sure, you get everything cheaper in today's digitization. The question is always how individual it is and whether you can get a mass product at a relatively high price. In addition, individual requirements cannot be integrated into such offers.

    Managing your account

    What do I have to consider when buying a picture?

    When buying a picture, you should definitely consider whether the size fits you. Some prints can get very large. The delivery of a picture with a frame can be correspondingly complex and costly.

    I placed the wrong order. What can I do?

    Write us an email with the relevant order number. We can then adjust the order directly.

    What is the quality of the pictures?

    My pictures are very often published in an extremely high resolution of over 42 megapixels. This guarantees me to keep a high quality standard. Even with a large format, the prints are still of great quality.

    If we can find the right way to teach people about wildlife, they will be touched.

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    You Can Make A Difference?

    You Can Make A Difference?

    You Can Make A Difference?

    You Can Make A Difference?

    You Can Make A Difference?

    You Can Make A Difference?