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Redesign of my portfolio and blog

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Relaunch It's official! I have decided to relaunch my entire website and portfolio. The reason for this was simply that I can present my work better on a new website. First of all, I would like to introduce myself here: My name is Andreas Böhler and I am a studying media designer who is currently in my 5th semester. I am studying at Macromedia University, which has only recently come under the name Mhmk.

I love reading articles about successful designs or redesigns and I'm also a fan of the . This was also a reason for me to start a blog in addition to my Internet portfolio in which I let my knowledge, my passion and my learning process flow during my studies. I have also adapted my entire corporate design and carried out a redesign. With my old CD, I simply lacked the right colors with which I could give a clean, tidy but still trend-conscious look. In addition, my old CD was from the 2nd semester and there you just didn't have that well-founded specialist knowledge that you can use in your corporate design.

The logo

Logo Redesign [half] The logo has remained the same in its basic form. Only slight changes were made to the shape. However, these only go into detail. The decisive change is the typography. The name Böhler should be more in the foreground, because under AB Design someone can hardly imagine who is behind it. [/ Helped] [helped] In addition, AB Design was too naive for me, so I have all imaginary names relaxed and just put my name in the foreground. The contrast of the typography has been made darker and the font has been modified to bring in a little variation. All in all, I want to be smaller with design elements such as logo and typography and no longer make everything huge, which gives me a more elegant look. [/ Helped]

The website

Redesign Website





I am a media designer and I am passionate about creating media of all kinds. As a generalist, it wasn't enough for me to only cover one area, which is why I approached all disciplines with a high level of quality.

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