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New concepts in the field of building automation

By 4th October 2012Master thesis

While researching on the way to a master’s thesis, I came across interesting concepts in the field of building automation. Both concepts try to simplify life based on the principle of the smart home and build a kind of intelligent house. Ultimately, however, the systems are not really intelligent but only carry out what has been programmed.

Smart home can also be defined as follows:

There are many different definitions of the term “smart home”. Often, however, the term is paraphrased using the synonyms intelligent house or smart house.
The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft describes smart homes as “integrated house systems”, because an object is not assumed to be intelligent, but rather the intelligence only exists through the involvement of people.

Further definitions come from, among others, Thomas Heimer from 1993. According to his definition, smart homes make up 3 key points:

Smart Home is a network technology that switches many independent devices into a network and can thus control, monitor and integrate them.
Communication is controlled by microelectronics and therefore requires an exchange standard that guarantees smooth exchange.
The network system is controlled by software and should at least have the approach of a learning ability.

Lothar Stoll's definition was presented for the first time in 2000 at e / home Berlin, a trade fair for intelligent houses and integrated house systems. There he gives the following exact definition:

“SmartHome is a living area that people enjoy in everyday life and at work at home through modern technologies and new electronic services
supported. " (Möller 2003, p.5)



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