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Finally, start of the master’s thesis !!

By August 24, 2012Master thesis


Now the time has come. After extensive studies and years of research in the areas of motion design, interface design and branding, I can finally start my master’s thesis.

In the course of our studies at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, we dealt a lot with design thinking, i.e. the conscious and controlled creation of new innovative solutions in the design sector. We came across service design, where the analysis of common processes, for example when calling a hotline, creates new, unprecedented services that make a company more attractive on the market. We also dealt with the topic of the Design Fiction Toolbox, the important factors from the Design Thinkng (Draft, process), dem Critical design (Critique, “epistemic things”), dem Design driven innovation (Sense, stories, meaning), dem Research as Design (Experimental System) and the Cultural hacking (Reinterpretation, conversion) and combines the best of the areas (in brackets) in one research method.

More about the Design Fiction Method Toolbox:

Design Fiction

I am currently planning and organizing the last steps that lead to the beginning of the thesis. Two topics have already been proposed to the university and could turn out to be an entry ticket into the professional world:

The first topic is about an interface that should enable the user to individually save energy in the household. On the one hand, it should include the technical innovations that have occurred in the past, such as the fact that a lot of devices are now connected to the home network via WiFi, on the other hand, it should also show scenarios that people in the household will encounter again and again. The design part here definitely lies in the design of such a system and the representation of the power consumption in a metaphor suitable for the interface (example: the desktop in the computer is a metaphor for the desk).

In contrast to the first topic, the second topic is more a theoretical work, as a lot of book knowledge is needed to explore the topic. The topic is about corporate design of the 21st century and which values and factors have changed, changed or developed in the last 30 years. The corporate design is examined on the basis of specific specifications such as colors, typography categories or division. What has changed in the corporate design, especially due to the rapid emergence of computers, is the exclusive character. In the past it was only possible for economically successful brands and companies to represent their company externally with a uniform and professional design of the logo, letterhead, films, company building, etc. Corporate design was well paid for by companies at the time and was therefore a popular job with agencies. Since the profession has changed over the years and there are more and more amateur designers, simple logos from the craft business are sometimes edited by the boss's nephew. The professionalism is almost absent without structural training and thus the corporate design itself loses more and more of its exclusivity since every hairdressing salon now has a well-designed appearance.


Two topics that are important for the future and, after extensive discussion with my mentor Ms. Diehl, are also "very exciting". Over time, I want to keep making information about my master's thesis public and thus giving the internet world an insight into the process. For the first time in my career, I want to show more of my work than just an intermediate step or the end result. Of course there are some imitators and some of them copy this a bit, but in the end I will always look at what information I publish. Finally, a topic has to be decided.

Anyone who wants to give their opinion on my topic or has suggestions can now post something in the comments. I would be happy about resourceful bookworms.



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