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First day ... studying abroad

By September 19, 2011General

The meanwhile second course began in September 2011. So full of vigor and energy, I made my way to Basel in Switzerland, 60km away. The new course bears the title Master Studio Design and deals with the research and conception of various design disciplines. My mood was only tarnished by my decision to quit smoking. It is not easy to go from 23 cigarettes a day to 0.

When I arrived at the city casino in downtown Basel after an hour's train ride, I first saw a large bunch of students standing in front of the entrance hall. I was ready on time for the opening event at which the technical college as well as the courses and the work of the students were to be presented. There were about 800 students around me, some of whom looked quite extraordinary. During the presentation, I was particularly interested in one project, as it won 2 well-known design awards. It was a complete communication structure for the ISMAR 2011, a conference for mixed and augmented reality, which is organized by the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. The project was awarded by the FH to a master’s student from the Master’s Studio Design course. During his presentation, he explained his approach and that the three-dimensionality of a Swiss landmark should be incorporated into the CI.

Overall, the projects at the University of Design and Art that the students work on are very reserved and simple. All projects are of a very high standard. However, most students share a common reserved style. I think you can talk about the typical Basel design style here. In contrast to Macromedia, my old university, less extreme experiments are carried out at the HGK. At Macromedia, the students have often dared to tackle extreme designs that simply cannot be categorized into a typical style. But there was also a much higher chance that the project could fail.

Corporate design for ISMAR 2011 (source: Corporate Design Prize Junior)

Corporate design for ISMAR 2011 (source: Corporate Design Prize Junior)

Train ride from Freiburg to Basel

Stadtcasino Basel

Opening event HGK 2011

Basel city center Barfüsserplatz



I am a media designer and I am passionate about creating media of all kinds. As a generalist, it wasn't enough for me to only cover one area, which is why I approached all disciplines with a high level of quality.

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