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5 reasons why the old SC Freiburg stadium is better than the new one

By September 21, 2020General

SC Freiburg Stadium: New vs. old. At the moment there was an interesting discussion about the new SC stadium. There was a decision that made it difficult for the organizers to play games at late hours. The reasons are of course because of the residents who could feel disturbed by the increasing volume of traffic as well as by the volume.

I took this as an opportunity and took a look why the old SC Freiburg stadium was actually so popular.

For me personally there are 5 reasons why I choose the old one SC stadium found better than the new.


1. The old SC Freiburg stadium is more beautiful.

woman in black jacket riding bicycle on road during daytime

Photo by Kanan Khasmammadov on Unsplash // Schematic image

The old SC Freiburg stadium is right on the mountain. It's easy to get to by car and is even before the heavy traffic begins. The old SC Freiburg stadium is surrounded by nature. There are some resident houses around it, but it is in the immediate vicinity on the Dreisam.

2. The old SC Freiburg stadium has a better connection to the city center.

people in stadium during daytime

Photo by Fionn Great on Unsplash  // Schematic image

The old SC Freiburg stadium In contrast to the new one, it is in close proximity to the tram. The fans can get to the tram relatively easily, which is already in the next street. In the case of the new stadium, however, a running route must be included. The stadium is via the tram line 1 in the direction of Littenweiler or via the stop Freiburg-Littenweiler accessible via the Höllentalbahn. During home games, Schwarzwaldstraße and connecting roads between Hansjakobstraße and Schwarzwaldstraße are closed to non-residents.

3. The old SC Freiburg stadium has a nostalgic factor.

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Photo by Dave small on Unsplash  // Schematic image

The stadium has existed in its more modern form since 1993 Sc freiburg in the first Bundesliga has risen. For many fans there is an emotional bond with the stadium. This nostalgic factor has given fans wings to watch a Bundesliga game with fans chanting at SC Freiburg since today.

4. The old SC Freiburg stadium invites you to cool off.

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Photo by Jubéo Hernandez on Unsplash // Schematic image

The old SC Freiburg stadium has the beach ribbon right next to it. There you can cool off wonderfully in summer after a hot game day. Unfortunately, the new stadium doesn't have this. There is only the Seepark after a few nearby. But this is actually not a pure bathing lake. If you go behind the Black Forest Stadium you will find the Dreisam there. Here you can put your beer crate in the cool water to cool off in the summer and drink an enjoyable beer with friends right after the game.

5. The old SC Freiburg has the direct route to Schlappen.

people inside bar

Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash // Schematic image

Many of the fans, regardless of whether they are opponents or the home team, want to end the win with a beer after the game. The ideal restaurant has established itself with the fans and so the fans usually find themselves in Schlappen. There the fans can celebrate the victory with exuberant music and a few beers. The Schlappen is relatively easy to get to from the Black Forest Stadium. You just have to get on line 1 in the direction of Landwasser and after a few stops you can get off at Bertoldsbrunnen. There you walk a few meters to get to the traditional Schlappen pub (which was also mentioned in the Biohackers series).


Those were all the points that were the same for me SC Freiburg Stadium still make a spectacle. Whether the night game ban will be lifted for the new SC Freiburg stadium remains to be the question. I would also like to point out that this article is based purely on my opinion.


If you are also interested in the old SC Freiburg and want an Stück wants to bring tradition home can do this now. With this picture you have the Black Forest Stadium on the wall.

sc freiburg stadium



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